Tesla Model 3 Is the Best-Selling Electric Car in Norway in December 2020

Tesla Model 3 Is the Best-Selling Electric Car in Norway in December 2020

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Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling electric vehicle in Norway in December 2020, selling nearly twice as many cars as its closest competitor, and taking about a 31% of the EV market share.

Tesla Model 3 shone again in the Norwegian market, selling the largest number of units of all EVs, according to data from Tesla registered 4,232 units, the highest in 2020, and the second in the history of the manufacturer's presence in the country's market. The company was able to surpass this result only once, in March 2019, when 5,828 units were registered here.

The closest competitor to Model 3, VW ID.3, was able to sell 2,303 units, which is only about half of the Model 3 sales. The Volvo XC40 EV is in third place with 791 units sold. The fourth and fifth places are occupied by Nissan Leaf and Polestar 2, which sold 692 and 670 respectively.


By all accounts, BEVs are becoming the norm in Norway, as they accounted for a whopping 67% of the market in December. Their sales rose 301% last month to 13,718 units, bringing the BEV share in 2020 to 54%. Tesla Model 3 took 30.85% of the market share in December.

The share of plug-in cars increased in December, while the share of vehicles using other fuels fell rapidly. The HEV market share was only 6%, gasoline cars fell to 3% (up from 15% in 2019), and diesel cars share was only 5% (up from 22% in 2019). If this trend continues, sales of cars with internal combustion engines will completely stop in Norway already by next year.

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