Tesla Model 3 Is Best-Selling EV in March in Norway, Where 90% of New Registrations Were EVs

Tesla Model 3 Is Best-Selling EV in March in Norway, Where 90% of New Registrations Were EVs

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Tesla again leads Norway with its Model 3, taking 14.2% of the EV market in March. The brilliant success in Norway continues, underpinning Tesla's strong growth in the global market.

EV sales in the Norwegian market in March were impressive, thanks in large part to Tesla's sales. With the delivery of 2,169 Tesla Model 3, total sales of electric vehicles in the country have also skyrocketed. A total of 15,321 new vehicles were sold in March, representing an increase of 23.1% over March last year. A major new advance is that 56% of these were pure electric vehicles (battery electric vehicles BEVs). Also, a new achievement was that EV (BEV + PHEV) accounted for a stunning 90% of all new car sales, which is the highest level in history.

Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling vehicle on the EV market in March, registering 2,169 units, more than double the sales of its closest competitor, the Toyota RAV4, with 908 registrations. Third place belongs to the Volkswagen ID.4 with 856 sales. Fourth place is occupied by the Volvo XC40 with 791 registrations. Nissan Leaf closes out the top five with 637 units sold.

Source: Registrerings Statistikk

In parallel with the impressive growth in electric vehicle registrations, diesel vehicle sales continued to decline sharply. Thus, only 723 new diesel vehicles were sold in March, which corresponds to a decrease of 42.2% in March alone and 40% in Q1 compared to the same period last year. “We are seeing a trend that diesel vehicles are slowly but surely losing their value in the market. Sales of vehicles with clean gasoline and diesel engines accounted for only 9.5% of new vehicle sales in March,” said Solberg Thorsen of the Council of Traffic Information. This is a very small proportion and it is unique compared to other countries.

The top five best-selling EV brands in Norway in March 2021 included Tesla, taking the undisputed first place, with Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen and BMW following behind.

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