Tesla Model 3 Shines in UK in March, Ranking 4th in All Car Sales of Any Propulsion Type

Tesla Model 3 Shines in UK in March, Ranking 4th in All Car Sales of Any Propulsion Type

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Tesla is confidently moving towards its goal, not only occupying the largest share in the EV market but also gradually replacing cars with an internal combustion engine. In March 2021, Tesla Model 3 again earned a spot in the top five best-sellers of the UK in the automotive market, regardless of propulsion type.

In March 2021, positive changes continue to take place in the UK car market. Thus, the share of BEV increased by 88% compared to the same period last year, and occupied 7.7% of the market share this year, compared to 4.6% a year earlier. In parallel with this, sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles continue to decline.

Tesla's growing popularity led the company to another achievement in the UK market and Model 3 became the fourth best-selling car in the country, regardless of fuel type. This confirms the belief that British interest in Tesla continues to increase and the launch of Model Y sales will only further consolidate the company's leading position in the country.

Tesla sold 6,585 Model 3 in March, which placed it fourth in the overall ranking. It should be noted that the sales leader Vauxhall Corsa sold 7,927 units, which is a relatively small gap considering its price (more than 2.5 times cheaper than Model 3) and the fact that cars with internal combustion engines are still more popular than EVs.

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Tesla Model 3 has garnered a lot of attention in the UK over the past year. The car has repeatedly won over the hearts of the British and became the best-selling car, regardless of the type of fuel. In April, May, and December 2020, Model 3 ranked first in the number of registrations, overtaking not only BEVs, but also other vehicles powered on gas, diesel or petrol. Last December, Model 3 reached unprecedented heights for the UK market, registering a record 5,798 units, but March brought new surprises and increased sales. It seems that the UK is completely ready for the full adoption of EV and Tesla as the main engine of the electromotive revolution.

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