Tesla Model 3 Is 2nd Best-Selling Car in Israel in June, Just 10 Units Shy of 1st

Tesla Model 3 Is 2nd Best-Selling Car in Israel in June, Just 10 Units Shy of 1st

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Over the past several months, the Israelis have placed many orders for the innovative electric sedan from the American manufacturer, Tesla. The Israeli market is now flooding with thousands of Tesla Model 3s, making it the second best-selling car, regardless of engine type, in the country in June, just 10 units behind the best-selling Toyota Corolla.

Israel proved to be a very active market for Tesla and the company has already delivered thousands of vehicles there. June became especially rich in registration when a ship with 1,170 Model 3s on board arrived to the country. In addition to this huge batch of cars, several hundred more from the previous batch were also awaiting delivery. They could not be delivered on time due to the military situation, which worsened.

While the final, official figures have yet to be released, ynet has been able to obtain data from the Israel Licensing Authority, which shows that 1,880 Tesla Model 3 units were delivered in June. This is an incredibly strong result for a newcomer to the market, and even more so for an electric vehicle. This success can be felt especially well when you consider the fact that Model 3 registered only 10 cars fewer than Toyota Corolla, which was the best-selling car. It's also worth keeping in mind that the significantly cheaper Toyota Corolla is also sold in the institutional market, which accounts for the bulk of total sales, while Tesla only sold to individuals. In the first six months of 2021, more Model 3s appeared on Israel's roads than all Audi and BMW sales combined—and Tesla deliveries only began a little over three months ago.

Tesla's main success lies in the fact that Model 3 sales are already on par or higher than ICE's top-selling vehicles. Replacing fossil-fueled cars is a major goal for the Californian manufacturer. Official Israeli car sales figures from the Auto Importers Association will be released later this week but the first figures released by ynet show that in June, Model 3 sales outperformed popular and significantly cheaper models such as the Hyundai Ionic (1,690), Hyundai Tucson (1,169), Kia Niro (1,130) and Toyota Rav 4 (1,030).

Tesla delivered 2,915 Model 3s in the first six months of 2021. In 2022, Tesla's sales in Israel will be boosted by its very popular sibling, Model Y, as well as the updated Model S and Model X. Thus, with these models soon hitting Israel’s roads, the brand's already significant influence on the country's automotive market will only be further bolstered.

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