Tesla Model 3 Is September's Top Selling Car of All Vehicles in Switzerland, 2X of Runner Up

Tesla Model 3 Is September's Top Selling Car of All Vehicles in Switzerland, 2X of Runner Up

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Tesla Model 3 has become a star in the Swiss car market, becoming the best-selling model, even amongst cars with internal combustion engines (ICE).

The popularity of electric vehicles in Switzerland continues to grow, where their share in September was 13.4%. Tesla is the undisputed leader and the main driver of the electric vehicle market. Overall, Tesla has a 33.2% share of the BEV market in 2020.

Source: @ceo_plus_ch/Twitter

In the overall automotive market, Tesla's share was a whopping 5.3% in September, according to the Swiss Automobile Association. And, although at the moment the share of Tesla cars is not the highest, nevertheless, we can see that the company's cars have quickly become highly competitive, even with ICE cars.

According to the Swiss Automobile Association, 1,144 Tesla vehicles were registered in September. Model 3 accounted for nearly 900 of these, according to @ceo_plus_ch/Twitter. Registrations of Model 3 are almost twice that of the closest competitor in the general market, Skoda Octavia, with about 500 registrations.

Source: @ceo_plus_ch/Twitter


In September 2020, Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling car of all models in the Swiss market, which indicates an accelerating affinity to electric vehicles. It appears that Model 3 is gradually replacing Skoda Octavia as the standard vehicle. It should be noted that, in Switzerland, there are no special general government incentive packages for the purchase of EVs. However, some cantons can still receive such benefits.

Source: @ceo_plus_ch/Twitter

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