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Tesla Giga Berlin: 4000 Workers Expected to Start in March for June, 2021 Production

Tesla Giga Berlin: 4000 Workers Expected to Start in March for June, 2021 Production

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Construction of Giga Berlin is progressing at an impressive pace, and several thousand employees are expected to begin work in March, 2021.

The knowledge accrued during the construction of Giga Nevada and Giga Shanghai has been directly applied in building Giga Berlin in the shortest possible time. Tesla's team, led by Evan Horetsky and German construction firms, are working hard to build a truly cutting-edge, state-of-the-art factory.

The company and its German construction partners rely primarily on precast concrete elements, which allow for construction that is even faster than that in China. At the moment, the construction of the factory is 20% complete.

A source familiar with the case, on condition of anonymity, told Tesmanian that as early as March, 2021, 4,000 workers are expected to report for duty at the world's most advanced electric vehicle manufacturing plant. The start of production is scheduled for June 2021, which means that, during this period, workers will undergo training and participate in the preparation of production facilities. Understandably, massive factories like Giga Berlin require proper time to gear-up for production.

Also, for the production of Model Y, new technological processes and equipment will be used, which will be applied for the first time ever at Giga Berlin. This, in turn, will require significant attention and training.


At the moment, a recruiting agency is working with Tesla to find 8,000 employees for the factory. A project team from the Frankfurt Oder Employment Agency will train about 500 employment agencies in Berlin and Brandenburg over the next few weeks. In the future, they will have to find representatives from different professional groups for Tesla--from warehouse employees to print technology, and from engineers to managers.

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