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Tesla Model 3 Beats Honda Civic & Toyota Camry as #1 Best Selling in California

Tesla Model 3 Beats Honda Civic & Toyota Camry as #1 Best Selling in California

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Tesla Model 3 has repeatedly been a bestseller in different countries and regions of the world. This time, Model 3 became California's best-selling passenger car in the Q1 2020.

Model 3 has repeatedly become one of the best-selling cars in California, but it has never taken first place. Cars such as Honda Civic and Accord, as well as Toyota Corolla, Camry and RAV4, have been the most popular models for several years. But in Q1 2020, this has finally changed.

This week, the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) released its first quarterly quarterly report showing that the Tesla Model 3 exceeded all competitors by becoming the state’s best-selling passenger car. Tesla managed to sell almost 19,000 Models 3.

  1. Tesla Model 3 18 856
  2. Honda Civic 18 001
  3. Toyota Camry 17 871
  4. Toyota RAV4 17 261
  5. Toyota Corolla 15 575
  6. Honda Accord 12 551

Source: cncda

Tesla sold Model 3 more than 800 units more than its closest (in the list) rival Honda Civic, which was able to sell 18,001 cars.

The California New Car Dealers Association notes that The California new vehicle market got off to a good start in the first two months of this year, and then the bottom fell out when the COVID 19 crisis took hold in March. Auto Outlook estimates that the state new vehicle market fell by 24 percent during the first four months of 2020 versus a year earlier.

New light vehicle registrations this year are predicted to fall to 1,540,000 units, a 26% decline from 2019. This projection, however, is subject to an above average level of variability, due to uncertainties surrounding the spread of the virus and changes in government policies regarding business operations.

In addition to being the best-selling car in California among all segments, the Tesla Model 3 also has a staggering margin from its closest competitor in its segment.

The CNCDA classifies the Tesla Model 3 as a “near luxury" vehicle. The closest competitor of the electric car is the BMW 3-Series, which was able to sell only 3,473 units. Model 3 by more than 15,000 units was able to exceed the sales of its competitor in this segment. Having sold 18 856 units, Model 3 took a 52% share in its segment.

Source: cncda

The Tesla Model S is # 3 in the “Luxury and High End Sports Cars” category, at 11.7% segment share compared to the # 1 BMW 5 Series getting 13.8% segment share and the Mercedes E-Class getting 12.8% segment share.

Source: cncda

The Tesla Model X was # 3 in its “Luxury Midsize SUV” category, holding 10.3% segment share compared to the Lexus RX's 19.5% segment share and the Mercedes GLE-Class getting a slight advantage over the Model X with 10.6% segment share, 87 more registrations in the quarter.

Source: cncda

Tesla is revolutionizing the world automotive market. Despite the fact that at the moment the price of the cheapest Tesla is higher than other popular cars, the company's cars have high sales figures. Undoubtedly, as soon as the California automaker reduces the cost of producing batteries, it will become the absolute leader in car sales worldwide.

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