Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model 3: Record Q3 Deliveries Around the Corner

Eva Fox by Eva Fox September 14, 2020

Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model 3: Record Q3 Deliveries Around the Corner

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On January 7, 2019, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for Giga Shanghai. By March, foundation work in some areas of the gargantuan facility was in place and the structure was already being erected. Crews were operating at the site on multiple shifts to accelerate construction.

By October 2019, Tesla reported that it was ahead of schedule with getting the factory into production. And in just 10 months, the facility was ready for production. Furthermore, Giga Shanghai was built with approximately 65% ​​less capital expenditure per unit of manufacturing capacity than had been the Model 3 production system in the US. The general assembly of the initial Tesla Model 3s was operating in China by October 2019.

The first mass deliveries of the China-made Model 3 took place in January 2020, exactly 1 year after the groundbreaking ceremony. This was the beginning of a new story written by Tesla in China.

In parallel with the increase in production capacity, the growth in the number of deliveries increased. Today, all cars produced during the quarter are connected with owners. As such, the data analyzed by Tesmanian shows a constant increase in sales of Model 3 in China.

Source: Tesmanian

By analyzing the graph, we can see that the number of sales increases every quarter. And every 3rd month of every quarter, Tesla shows a big leap and this is exactly what we should expect in September.

At the moment, Giga Shanghai is operating at full capacity to produce as many Model 3s as possible. There are hundreds of vehicles in parking lots that are loaded onto trucks for transportation to delivery centers.

Source: WU WA

In Q2, China became the 2nd largest market after the US, earning 23.19% of the company’s total revenues for the quarter. The Q3 results in the country are likely to surprise us even more, as Tesla China's team works tirelessly to meet the skyrocketing demand for its products.



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