Tesla Model 3 In China Receives Least Complaints vs Top-Selling ICE Cars & EVs

Tesla Model 3 In China Receives Least Complaints vs Top-Selling ICE Cars & EVs

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When we buy a particular car, we expect it to work—and continue to do so—as advertised. But, sometimes after purchase, owners realize things don’t work as well as expected. And unfortunately in other cases, there are frank defects with the car. 

Various surveys and publications constantly check the level of vehicle owner satisfaction, and keep track of the number of complaints. We have seen repeatedly that the satisfaction rate with Model 3 proves stellar. Even Consumer Reports—one of the most respected, independent and nonprofit member organizations—rates Tesla with the highest owner satisfaction among all other brands, and by a wide margin at that. In various countries around the world, the Model 3 has repeatedly become the car of the year, earning top praise from various organizations as well as owners..

According to Q2 2020 data on defective vehicles in China and a platform for collecting information on complaints from car owners, Model 3 is heralded the car with the least complaints.

The average complaint rate for all vehicles in this period was 37.2 per 10,000 cars. Remarkably, the Model 3 received only 0.7 complaints per 10,000 cars. In comparison, the Mercedes Benz A-Class received 600% more complaints, with 4.2/10,000, and the Mercedes Benz E-Class coming in with over 1,700% more complaints, at a rate of 12.3/10,000.
It is worth noting, even these higher complaint rates from Mercedes are considered quite good. All 38 cars on the list have what is considered to be a good reputation among domestic cars. That is, the quality and reliability of their products is better than that of other domestic car models.

The Model 3 once again has excelled in making quality vehicles that meet—if not exceed—the high expectations of their owners. Tesla China has done an amazing job creating high-quality vehicles that delight their customers. The California-based company has become a role model for all automakers by setting a new bar for quality and long-lasting enjoyment.

The best brands are built on products that people love. Tesla gets this, and its team injects heart into each of the EVs it makes. Customers the world over are clearly feeling that love. And unsurprisingly, Tesla is too.


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