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Tesla Model 3 Infotainment Screen Gets Working 'Back To The Future' Display


A Tesla Model 3 owner shared a video of their infotainment screen with a Back to the Future display. The short video was a way for Tesla owner @model3yokohama to spread some silly fun during the current global crisis.

Tesla blogger @model3yokohama posted a short video of their infotainment screen with a working Back to the Future display. The Model 3 owner set the system to travel to the future into October 26, 2085. 

The Japanese Model 3 owner wrote a message to go with their video, which roughly translated to: “The virus is already here. I will slip through time into 2085.”

Some people found the Back to the Future display more fun and wanted to do the same to their Teslas. To get the display, go to the following link: To change the dates and times, one must simply click on the individual boxes. 

It seems that @model3yokohama wanted to lighten the mood for everyone, given the global pandemic, which has caused many parts of the world to go on lockdown. In a time when there seems to be no end to the quarantine, small pockets of joy and humor are crucial.

For some countries, quarantine has lasted a little over two and a half months. The psychological impact of a pro-longed quarantine was discussed in a study published in The Lancet when the virus’s rapid spread become a pandemic. According to the study, prolonged quarantine can have a wide-ranging and long-lasting psychological impact on people. However, not going into quarantine given the current pandemic might yield worse psychological effects.  

The study concluded that the adverse psychological effects of pro-longed quarantine could be prevented by taking specific measures. “If quarantine is essential, then our results suggest that officials should take every measure to ensure that this experience is as tolerable as possible for people,” said the study on The Lancet.

“This can be achieved by: telling people what is happening and why, explaining how long it will continue, providing meaningful activities for them to do while in quarantine, providing clear communication, ensuring basic supplies (such as food, water, and medical supplies) are available, and reinforcing the sense of altruism that people should, rightly, be feeling.”

Featured Image Credit: @model3yokohama/Twitter

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