Tesla Model 3 Is Auto Express' 2020 Compact Executive Car of the Year

Tesla Model 3 Is Auto Express' 2020 Compact Executive Car of the Year

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Tesla Model 3 is one of the best electric vehicles in the world: practical, safe, high-tech, with excellent performance and range. The understated styling hides a sophisticated electric powertrain and a state-of-the-art interior dominated by a huge touchscreen. And now, Tesla Model 3 is Auto Express' 2020 Compact Executive Car of the Year.

British motoring magazine notes the Model 3's high tech, excellent performance, usable range and charging capabilities.

"With masses of tech, great performance, genuinely usable range and impressive charging capability, the Tesla is a champion once again."

Auto Express notes that even the basic Standard Range Plus model is an excellent choice. It offers a range of 254 miles from its 50kWh battery, 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds and Supercharger V3 capability. With 170kW recharging power, an 80% rapid charge should take around 20 minutes, piling on 390 miles of range per hour at its maximum rate.

Model 3 is the first Tesla fully compatible with CCS charging, so it'll take a more common 50kW feed as well. The car's 11kW on-board AC charger means overnight charges on all three variants of Model 3 will take no more than seven hours and 45 minutes (five hours 15 minutes for the Standard Range Plus) using an 11kW home wall box, so domestic charging shouldn't be a problem.


The magazine notes that the inside of the car is great, with plenty of head- and leg-room. The 15-inch center touchscreen dominates the minimalist cabin, controlling all driving and multimedia functions.

"On the move the steering is precise enough and the ride offers decent composure, so comfort is on par with some German executive saloon rivals. Yet the Tesla offers more in many key areas in this class, not least the cost of ownership, which is why it wins here."

And Tesla's robust charging infrastructure makes the car even more attractive yet.

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