Tesla Model 3 Is Ready for Imminent Delivery to Customers in Israel

Tesla Model 3 Is Ready for Imminent Delivery to Customers in Israel

Photos: @ConnectingODot/Twitter

Both batches of Tesla cars ordered by Israelis have already arrived at the port of Israel and will be delivered to owners in the coming days. Photos from the port show that the vehicles are already being prepared for delivery.

@ConnectingODot/Twitter shared photos from the southmost Mediterranean seaport of Ashdod showing over 100 Model 3s awaiting delivery. Some of the cars are indoors, while others are outside. Some vehicles are charged before being delivered, demonstrating customer care.

The first batch of 70 Tesla vehicles arrived at the port of Israel at the end of February. Another 50-unit shipment arrived in March, and thus all vehicles ordered on the first day of sales will be delivered in Q1 2021.

On March 10, some of the company's Israeli customers had already received notifications to prepare for delivery. The email included a description of what needs to be prepared and links to instructional videos to help owners quickly learn how to use the innovative vehicle.

In addition, Tesla owners also confirmed that the company offers its customers its own unique insurance, InsureMyTesla. To this end, the American manufacturer has partnered with an Israel-based auto insurer, as detailed in the email. Phoenix Holdings Ltd. will provide unique car insurance based on a driver profile that is automatically generated on Tesla's cloud servers. Using information about the driver, style, and driving habits, accidents, etc., the insurance company can provide appropriate discounts.

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