Tesla Model S & X Has a Very Unique Gear Shifter, if the Driver Feels the Need to Use it

Tesla Model S & X Has a Very Unique Gear Shifter, if the Driver Feels the Need to Use it

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The refreshed Tesla Model S and X, and no doubt Cybertruck and Roadster, will be very unusual and completely unique. As the company strives to make driving as automated and autonomous as possible, the car will no longer have gear levers. Nevertheless, Tesla still has a manual control system for this function, so let's see how it works.

Due to the fact that Tesla removed the rotary levers and gear shifter from the steering wheel, the controls were transferred directly to the steering wheel in the form of buttons and scrolls, as well as to the car's screen. In the "Smart Shift" mode, the car itself controls the gear change. However, it can be turned off and the rightmost button on the steering wheel will then act as a gear lever. When the driver clicks once, a prompt will appear on the screen to help him/her change the gear.

@hsumacher/Twitter shared a video of exactly how the on-screen method would work the gear change. Thus, drivers simply need to swipe up or down on the far left side of the Model S/X display (most likely this will apply to Cybertruck and Roadster as well) to shift the gear on their vehicles. Since the edge of the display is practically next to the steering wheel, this should be fairly easy to get accustomed to.

It should be noted that in manual gear control mode, the screen will only show the ability to shift forward and reverse. In order to put the car in neutral (which is a rare case), the driver will need to click on the left edge of the display, after which a pop-up menu will appear, from which, among other things, the driver can select the neutral gear.

This all being said, manual gear shifting is most likely completely unnecessary, since in Smart Shift mode, using cameras, the car evaluates its surroundings and independently determines which gear it should use. This function will make the use of Tesla's new generation vehicles even more convenient.

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