Tesla Model 3 Is the Most Recommended Electric Vehicle in Germany

Tesla Model 3 Is the Most Recommended Electric Vehicle in Germany

The history of Tesla's development in Germany was not cloudless. However, in just a few years, Model 3 became the most recommended electric vehicle on the market in the country, despite Germany being home to Volkswagen. 81% of surveyed owners would recommend Model 3 for purchase.

Car rental company NextMove, together with its partner UScale, conducted a survey of 2,800 electric car owners in Germany. The survey was to find out which electric car is the best, according to the owners. For this, the survey participants were asked questions about driving comfort, handling, navigation system, App-Connect, technical concept, charging, and air conditioning. According to the data obtained, 81% would definitely recommend the Tesla Model 3, which was the best result and worthy of high praise.

Tesla has already become one of the most popular EVs in Germany, which is also confirmed by the data obtained in the course of the survey. Of the 2,800 participants, 640 drive Teslas—the largest number.

Source: NextMove

Most of the participants have been driving an electric car for about a year. In most cases, they regularly use them for medium to long-distance travel, such as daily commuting or weekend trips out of a city. Navigation and route planning are best implemented in Tesla vehicles when compared to other electric vehicles. It should be noted that route planning for electric vehicles is much more difficult than for vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Many electric vehicles offer an App-Connect for remote control of certain functions, such as location monitoring or air conditioning. Tesla is also the best of all because its own application not only offers a wide range of functions but also works most reliably. Many other EV drivers complain about frequent server crashes or functional errors.

When charging, 60% of respondents have various problems. But with a wide network of proprietary charging stations—Superchargers—Tesla has a huge advantage over the competition, giving its customers an improved ownership experience. This is why Tesla owners are most satisfied with charging their cars.

Tesla cars also have the best technical concept. This includes how well the manufacturers have designed the car as a complete system, that is, the concept of control combined with displays and buttons.

Source: NextMove

While every electric vehicle has a fan base, only one model has convinced a particularly large number of drivers. A whopping 81% strongly recommend Tesla Model 3, making Tesla the top EV maker.

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