Tesla Model 3 Vehicles Are Using in Thailand National Police Fleet

Tesla Model 3 Vehicles Are Using in Thailand National Police Fleet

Police stations around the world are increasingly switching to using Tesla as official cars. First of all, this choice is due to the fact that electric cars are much cheaper to maintain than gas-powered cars. They are much cheaper to charge and maintain, and in addition, they practically do not break, since their structure is extremely simple.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, the Thai police also became interested in electric cars and rented 7 Tesla Model 3s.

Police Major General Torsak Sukvimol, Deputy Commissioner of the Central Investigative Police, clarified this choice on Facebook.

Source: CSI LA / Facebook

He said that Tesla cars have a great advantage, since they use electricity, not fuel. That is why, they rent Model 3s instead of the previously used Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which lease expires.

“The price is cheaper than the Benz S-Class. It is important that we do not need to worry about buying fuel, because we do not use fuel. This can significantly reduce budget expenses," wrote Sukvimol.

He writes that Model 3 has such range that the cost of charging corresponds to refueling only a small gasoline car. Therefore, when comparing a small car and a spacious Model 3, the Tesla car has an undeniable advantage.

Sukvimol also wrote that it will help reduce negative environmental impact. "[Tesla’s cars] will reduce pollution, we would like our police station to become a pilot unit."

Tesla vehicles are highly productive, economical and environmentally friendly, therefore it is not surprising that various state services in different countries of the world begin to use them as official cars.

Featured image: CSI LA / Facebook

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