Tesla Model 3 of Bridgewater Police Service in Canada Officially Starts Operating

Tesla Model 3 of Bridgewater Police Service in Canada Officially Starts Operating

Photo: Town of Bridgewater

A Tesla Model 3 of Bridgewater Police Service officially takes to the streets for duty. The car is expected to save thousands of taxpayer dollars each year, while keeping citizens safe and having a positive impact on the environment.

The Tesla Model 3, which was bought by the Canadian Bridgewater Police Service (BPS), enters its first shift on Thursday evening. The officers are glad that the car is finally refitted and ready to perform its duties. BPS expressed its gratitude for the refitting of the car to Code 3 and its rep, Greg Jordan. The Police Service shared the good news on Twitter.

BPS was in need of new vehicles, so they began looking at different makes and models in 2021. After the council reviewed the financial details in February 2022, it was estimated that the electric vehicle would save the city about $5,000 per year compared to a traditional gasoline-powered patrol car, and also acknowledged that the electric vehicle would last longer than its gasoline counterparts.

Among the various electric vehicle options, the council chose Tesla Model 3 because it was the only one suitable for police use and could be delivered within a reasonable timeframe. It was expected that the car would be received and refitted by the summer, and expectations were met.

Mayor David Mitchell said the city has decided to buy one Model 3 for testing purposes and to make sure other police departments' reports of fuel economy are accurate.

"With the goal set for all vehicles sold to be electric by 2035 federally we knew we would eventually have to start making changes but we wanted to see for ourselves how accurate the reports we’ve seen from other communities are for ourselves."

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