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Tesla Model 3 Still Runs After Being Totaled, Proving Elon Musk Right


A Tesla Model 3 Performance was capable of running after being completely totaled, proving Elon Musk’s words during Autonomy Day last year. The totaled Model 3 Performance also revealed the sturdiness and resilience of Tesla vehicles.

Oleg K.’s YouTube video revealed that Tesla’s Model 3 Performance can still run even after being totaled. In the videos, the Model 3 seems to be working just fine. The driver was still able to control the vehicle and accelerate as if the Model 3 Performance was in fine condition. However, it is still unclear how much damage was done to the Model 3’s internal parts, so anyone interested in buying the totaled Tesla should probably approach the sale with caution.

Still, the fact that the Model 3 Performance was running after being totaled was impressive. The videos reveal just how robust and sturdy Tesla vehicles are, specifically their core parts.

The totaled Model 3 also proves the Elon Musk’s words during Autonomy Day were accurate. During the 2019 event, he had explained that redundancy was essential for an autonomous vehicle or Robotaxi in Tesla’s case.

“In order to have a self-driving car or Robotaxi, you really need redundancy throughout the vehicle at the hardware level. So starting in—I believe it was—October 2016, all cars made by Tesla have redundant power steering…So if the motor fails, the car can still steer. All the power and data lines have redundancy. So you can sever any given power line or any data line, and the car will keep driving.

“The auxiliary power system, even if the main pack—you lose complete power in the main pack—the car is capable of steering and braking using the auxiliary power system. So you can completely lose the main pack, and the car is safe.”

Credit: Tesla

Oleg K. uploaded two videos of a Model 3 Performance that looked like it was in a devastating accident. The entire roof of the Model 3 looked torn off. On one side of the vehicle, the car’s doors appeared to taped to the frame—whatever was left of it anyway. And that piece of tape seemed like it was the only thing keeping the doors connected to the car.

The frunk and trunk of the vehicle were missing. There was a gaping hole in the posterior of the Model 3. Since there was no frunk, the Tesla’s front electric motor was exposed. It seemed like the essential parts of the Model 3 survived the accident—if there was one. Besides the electric motor, the battery pack and suspension system seemed unscathed.

Oleg K. was actually selling the Model 3 Performance on YouTube. “It’s up for sale, good basement for project car. Long Range AWD, charging. Runs and drives,” he wrote in the description of the first video. In the second video, Oleg K. wrote: “Look what I have for sale, good basement for project. Charging with no issues.”

Featured Image Credit: Oleg K./YouTube

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