Tesla Model 3 Performance Upsets Yamaha R6 in Quarter Mile

Tesla Model 3 Performance Upsets Yamaha R6 in Quarter Mile

The Model 3 mid-size sedan has long been a legend thanks to a number of excellent features. Tesla's electric car has won many drag races, often mercilessly destroying rivals. This time, Model 3 Performance and the Yamaha R6 sportbike met in a duel.

Mar10 W6 / YouTube shared a video of his Model 3 and Yamaha R6 racing.

The quarter-mile was run by an experienced driver behind the wheel of the Model 3. Tesla's performance is impressive: 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 162 mph.

By comparison, the Yamaha R6 featured in the video is a fourth-generation model and is powered by a high-revving 599 cc four-cylinder engine producing 117 hp and 45.5 lb-ft (61.7 Nm) of torque. The sportbike accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds, topping out at 160 mph--no doubt making the R6 a formidable contender.

Nevertheless, here, as in many situations, the human factor played an important role. The sportbike rider had to take a number of important steps that would help optimize acceleration and maximum performance. One mistake, and the race is lost.

Meanwhile, the Model 3 driver just steps on the go pedal and the powerful, smart car does all the heavy lifting. Tesla's team made sure that customers do not have to make a bunch of unnecessary movements/corrections to enjoy the amazing performance of their cars. That is why Tesla cars are often easily triumphant in competitions, proving that the electric car is a dominant contender worthy of respect.

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