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Tesla Model 3 Bought as Patrol Vehicle by Rosendale Police Department in New York State

Tesla Model 3 Bought as Patrol Vehicle by Rosendale Police Department in New York State

Photo: Rosendale Police Department/Facebook

Rosendale Police Department in New York State has added an electric vehicle to its fleet. The choice fell on the Tesla Model 3, which combines the best features at a relatively affordable price. The vehicle will be added to the Highway Patrol Unit and will hit the roads next week.

Rosendale Police Department bought a Tesla Model 3 to turn it into a patrol car. The car will be the first Tesla to be enrolled as a police car in the state. However, this is not the first time that Tesla cars have been bought by police departments. At the moment, there is a positive trend towards the purchase of company’s cars by police stations throughout the United States. Despite the comparatively higher cost of Tesla vehicles, police officers can save on equipment because the manufacturer's vehicles have important equipment already installed, such as cameras. Another big savings factor is charging, which is significantly lower than refueling with petrol. Maintenance in Tesla cars is so minimal that ICE cars are simply not able to compete on this parameter.

While Rosendale PD has yet to officially unveil the new cruiser, an image of a white electric sedan already sporting the signature blue logo, matching livery and flashing lights was posted on Facebook on June 23. The report says that the first fully uniformed Tesla police car in New York State will soon be unveiled to the public. Within a few weeks from the moment of publication, the car had to be retrofitted and it seems that it will soon be ready hit the streets of the city. The 2020 Tesla Model 3 will officially launch for regular patrols next week after completing computer system upgrades, Rosendale Police Department reported on July 9.

The car was purchased with a grant specifically for use in a municipal fleet, and was secured by former State Senator Jen Metzger in 2020. The in-car mobile data computer system was purchased by the Rosendale Police Benevolent Association, through a local donation that they received specifically for the computer system. The police department said it has partnered with Tesla and will now evaluate Model 3 for its suitability for police use.

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