Tesla Model 3 Registered In France Surged In Feb, 2nd Best Selling EV

Tesla Model 3 Registered In France Surged In Feb, 2nd Best Selling EV

After a calm January, the Tesla Model 3 shows an increase in registrations in France.

In the country, in February more than 9,451 vehicles were registered. Electric cars continue to gain momentum, and last month they represented 5.6% of the registrations of all new cars.

According to new data, electric vehicles maintain high registration rates in France. Hybrids occupied 2.3% of the market.

At the moment, there is no exact data for all models, but AVERE France provided information on the models of two automakers who took first and second place in registrations in France.

In the country, 3076 Renault ZOE and 1025 Tesla Model 3 were registered in February. What makes Model 3 the second best-selling electric car in France last month. In January, only 124 of these models were registered, which can easily be explained by how Tesla delivers cars.

Tesla makes cars in the USA, so it takes more time to deliver them to Europe. Also, since the company always focuses on deliveries in the third and fourth quarter, the first and second quarter always look weaker in comparison.

Meanwhile, in almost all European countries it is no longer possible to order a Model 3 with delivery in the first quarter, which indicates that the bulk of the cars will be delivered in March 2020.

In France, sales of gasoline and diesel cars are in freefall. If sales of electric and hybrid cars continue to grow, then sales of traditional models will collapse. Compared to the same period in 2019, the registration of diesel cars decreased by 11.26%, and gasoline - by 22.6%.

Source: automobile-propre


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