Tesla Model 3 Saves its Driver’s Life in Violent Rear-End Collision by SUV at 75 MPH

Tesla Model 3 Saves its Driver’s Life in Violent Rear-End Collision by SUV at 75 MPH

Photos: @Hiero/Twitter

Car accidents happen every 484,000 miles in the U.S., according to NHTSA. However, there are vehicles that are best able to protect their occupants in the event of an accident, and Tesla vehicles are leading the way. Tesla Model 3 saved the life of its driver after being rear-ended by an SUV traveling at 75 mph.

@Hiero/Twitter recently endured a horribly traumatic event: he was in a high-speed crash. If he was in another car, he could have lost his life, but, to his great happiness, he was driving a Tesla Model 3. Hiero, still under shock, is immensely happy that, in this horrific accident, he traded his new car for his life. “I'm truly grateful it [Model 3] traded its life for mine,” he told Tesmanian.

On the evening of December 8, Hiero was driving home from Boulder on Diagonal Hwy in his 10-day old Tesla Model 3 after celebrating his birthday. At the intersection with 63rd Street, he noticed that the traffic light changed from green to yellow, so he decided to slow down and stop, instead of accelerating and taking risks at the last second. In the right lane, at high speed, a van rushed past the red light, and Hiero stared after it, unaware of the approaching danger. After a few moments, he felt a hit of immense force.

Driven by a drunk driver, a 2015 Jeep Patriot crashed right into the rear of the Model 3 at 75 mph without even trying to brake. The impact at that speed was tremendous, but the crumple zones in Model 3 successfully absorbed its power. It is noteworthy that even after such a strong impact, the Model 3 did not roll over, which was due to the low center of gravity, although the car was slightly thrown to the side.

Photos from the scene show the severity of the accident; the Model 3 has a completely wrinkled rear and right rear of the car. The Patriot looks even more awful, with a completely smashed front end and an engine pushed into the car's interior. The center console is extruded through the roof.

Hiero said he sustained no obvious visible injuries and was only diagnosed with a concussion. On Monday he will have to return to the hospital for additional tests. This is surprising because, after a collision of such force, a passenger could sustain very serious injuries, with dire consequences. Hiero said that the medics who arrived at the scene were very surprised that he did not have any visible injuries, since such collisions often lead to death.

The Jeep driver had to be taken out of the car with the help of special equipment, after which he was taken to the hospital. Hiero is unaware of his state of health, but given the fact that he has not yet been taken to the police station, although charges have already been filed by the state police, it is assumed that he is still in the hospital.

The safety of Model 3, like all cars of the company, is a matter of pride. It is the most important part of the overall Model 3 design. The metal structure is a combination of aluminum and steel, for maximum strength in every area. Thankfully, the constant painstaking work of the Tesla team has amazing results, time and time again.

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