Tesla Model 3 Takes 55% of Israeli EV Market Share in 2021

Tesla Model 3 Takes 55% of Israeli EV Market Share in 2021

This year, a record number of electric vehicles were delivered to Israel, which was primarily due to Tesla Model 3. The American manufacturer registered 5,280 vehicles in the first 11 months of 2021, which is 55% of the EV market.

This year, 9,600 electric vehicles were delivered to Israel, up 700% from 2020. The market share of electric vehicles has grown from 0.7% last year to 3.4% in 2021. This growth was due to the fact that Tesla entered the Israeli market, which led to a high number of orders and a more willing transition of residents of the country to electric vehicles.

In November alone, 970 electric vehicles were delivered, of which 580 are Tesla Model 3, according to The Globes. Between January and November, Tesla delivered 5,280 vehicles to Israel, accounting for 55% of the EV market. In second place is MG ZS EV with 15.3% market share, followed by Aiways U5 with 4.4% market share.

Still, even more of a market share for Tesla is expected by the end of the year. Tesla will significantly increase its market share after the 890 Model 3 SR+ arrive in mid-December. These cars were supposed to be unloaded in Ashdod along with the last batch of Tesla vehicles from Shanghai, but they were not allowed to unload due to delays in obtaining European standard approval. Some significant changes were made to the 890 Model 3s, such as a different battery type. Cars are currently waiting at a European port to be loaded onto another ship, which is due to arrive in Ashdod in the second week of December.

Sources at Tesla suggest that sales of Model Y to Israeli buyers will begin early in the first quarter of 2022.

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