Tesla Model S 3 X In Top Gear’s 10 Best Electric Cars

by Eva Fox August 16, 2020

Tesla Model S 3 X In Top Gear’s 10 Best Electric Cars

Tesla cars have already won fame as the best and most reliable vehicles among all existing EVs. Tesla Model S, 3 and X entered Top Gear's best 10 electric cars.

No. 9 Tesla Model X

“Tesla invents new doors, adds extra seats. Charges the earth. It's lifestyle."

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Top Gear calls the Model X not an ordinary SUV, but a family car. The vehicle is big, airy and has a sense of humor.

"It’s a fun and engaging family car with room for everyone and a more playful personality than the outwardly plain looks suggest."

An important aspect is that Tesla has an extensive Supercharger network that eliminates a lot of the hassle of owning an electric car from any other automaker.

No. 3 Tesla Model S

"The future is here and it's amazing. The Model S is a true game-changer."

Source: Top Gear

Top Gear believes the Model S is a very impressive achievement from the company. The range, excellent handling and high technological appeal have made major manufacturers turn their attention to electric vehicles. Model S was the push that the entire automotive industry needed.

No. 1 Tesla Model 3

"Everything Tesla has done up to this point has built towards the Model 3 ... and it's been worth it."

Source: Top Gear

Model 3 is the vehicle that took the entire company to a whole new level. Due to its affordability, the car has become popular not only among those concerned about the environment but also among the wider public. Top Gear admits that beyond its affordability, the Model 3 is really well designed.

"The way Tesla designs its cars, from the architecture to the user interface, the sales model to the marketing, is unique. There's a refreshing simplicity to the proposition and a frisson of excitement inside and outside the car, wherever it goes."

All Tesla cars are revolutionary. They have broken the boundaries in every segment and have earned worldwide love and recognition. Once Tesla expands its production capacity, only the sky will be the limit. Or will it?

Here is the is the complete Top 10 list from Top Gear:

1: Tesla Model 3

2: Jaguar I-Pace

3: Tesla Model S

4: Hyundai Kona

5: Audi e-tron

6: BMW i3

7: Renault Zoe

8: Hyundai Ioniq

9: Tesla Model X

10: Nissan Leaf

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