Tesla Model S ‘literally life saving’ After Smashed by Truck, Owner Praises Safety

Tesla Model S ‘literally life saving’ After Smashed by Truck, Owner Praises Safety

Photo: Paul/Twitter

Tesla once again proves the safety of its vehicles, which exceptionally protect their occupants in the event of a collision. A Model S driver has recently survived a violent collision with a lorry on a bridge, and now pays tribute to the manufacturer.

Paul/Twitter is the owner of three Tesla cars and is now even more convinced of the correctness of his choice of vehicles. He recently had a terrible accident that could have been fatal if he had not been in a Tesla. He continues to thank the manufacturer for creating reliable vehicles that truly save lives.

Early in the morning, Paul was heading to the gym on the QE2 bridge at Dartford, UK. He had a morning workout that day, so his three teenage daughters didn't go with him, which was a big stroke of luck. While driving, the inattentive lorry driver, not noticing Paul's car, began to change lanes. The brunt of the collision with the heavy lorry, driving at 50 mph, came to the left rear of the Model S. The impact was so strong that the Tesla spun 360 degrees twice, Paul told Tesmanian.

Understandably, that moment was especially frightening, as Paul worried he would die either from the impact or from the fact that his car would fly off the bridge into the water. In an interview with Tesmanian, he said: "Being on a bridge I feared I'd either go over the edge into the water or be killed by a head on collision at 60mph; luckily the Tesla saved my life."

The low center of gravity and high weight of Model S definitely played an important role here. The heavy battery at the bottom prevented the force of the impact from throwing the car up high—as could happen with a car with an internal combustion engine—so it stayed on the road instead of flying over the fence and falling into the water. In addition, the large crumple zones absorbed the force of the impact and saved Paul from fatal injury.

Tesla cars have proven many times over that they are among the safest vehicles in the world, and Model S is no exception. Model S' safety record is proven by its NHTSA and Euro NCAP 5-star safety rating, along with setting a record of the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants when tested in the United States.

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