Tesla Extends Dominance in Norway with Over 40% EV Market Share in September

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 01, 2021

Tesla Extends Dominance in Norway with Over 40% EV Market Share in September

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Tesla continues to dominate in Norway with over 40% of the EV market in September. Sales of Model 3 and Model Y are through the roof and have almost reached an all-time high.

Tesla's path in Norway is special, as the residents of the northern lands are very fond of the manufacturer's cars. Model 3 has been the best-selling EV for several years and continues to enjoy incredible demand. Nevertheless, Model Y came to support the company's sales in Norway and undoubtedly will become the most popular EV in the country.

Tesla did its best in Norway in September having put 5,782 electric vehicles on the country's roads, according to EU-EVs. Thus, Tesla's EV market share reached an impressive 40.4%, crushing all rivals overnight. Model 3 sales totaled 2,218, demonstrating a strong interest in the model. As expected, Model Y sales were impressive, reaching 3,564 units, though this number was probably only constrained by the ability to deliver more vehicles to Norway on time. Thus, in September 2021, Tesla almost reached its all-time high, although it lacked only 47 units to register to break its current record of 5,828 units. At the moment, there is the potential to reach a new record in December 2021, which is traditionally the strongest for Tesla.

Thus, Model Y became the best-selling EV in Norway in September, while Model 3 came in second. The achievements of the following leaders in the table look rather modest in comparison with Tesla. Skoda sold 778 Enyaq and came in third in the rankings. Volkswagen sold 655 ID.4s, placing it in fourth place. Hyundai Ionic sales reached 650 units, so it placed fifth, closing out the top 5.

The table of leaders and their share in the EV market in Norway is as follows:


Source: EU-EVs

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