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Tesla Model S Plaid & Model X Plaid Spotted at Giga Shanghai

Tesla Model S Plaid & Model X Plaid Spotted at Giga Shanghai

Photo: Wu Wa/YouTube

Tesla is gearing up to start delivering Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid in China. The manufacturer's flagship vehicles, which are currently only produced at Tesla's Fremont factory, were spotted at Giga Shanghai.

During another drone flyover of Giga Shanghai, Wu Wa/YouTube noticed something interesting. A new black Tesla Model S and a white Model X were spotted in the parking lot at Giga Shanghai, generating a lot of interest. Both vehicles were loaded onto two small transport trucks, each of them designed to carry only one vehicle. Factory employees tried to cover the cars, but the wind kept blowing off the cover, exposing the vehicles.

Obviously, these cars were not made at Giga Shanghai but were delivered from the USA, where they were produced at the Fremont factory. To date, the Fremont factory is the only one in the world that produces Model S and Model X, and Tesla has not announced plans to expand their production to other factories.

The appearance of Model S and Model X in China indicates that Tesla is preparing to start delivering cars to the country's market. At the end of February, a Tesla Model S Plaid customer in China received an order update. He received an email from Tesla saying that his Model S Plaid booking order, which he made about one year ago, was updated. The message was the first hint tha delivery is likely to take place soon. "To move forward with the delivery process, please visit your Tesla account," the email message shared by the customer read.

Apparently, Tesla may be preparing for the grand ceremony of handing over the first Model S and Model X to customers in China, so the cars were delivered to Giga Shanghai. This would be in line with Tesla CEO Elon Musk's earlier tweet that first deliveries could begin in March 2022.

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