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Tesla Model S Plaid Sets 1/4 Mile Record of 8.83 Seconds, Confirming Title as World's Fastest Production Car

Tesla Model S Plaid Sets 1/4 Mile Record of 8.83 Seconds, Confirming Title as World's Fastest Production Car

Image: mulot30th/Tesla Motors Club

Tesla Model S Plaid sets a new 1/4-mile record of 8.83 seconds at 161.37 mph, confirming its title as the fastest production car in the world. The car broke its previous record of 8.943 seconds.

Although official data has recorded that the Tesla Model S Plaid does a 1/4 mile in 9.23 seconds at 152.6 mph, car owners are trying to improve this time, and they are pretty good at it. They are trying to get the most out of their EVs, but keep in mind that their cars can be with some modifications. Most often, we are talking about weight reduction, which is achieved by removing the interior trim.

mulot30th/Tesla Motors Club shared the results of his 1/4 mile run in a red Model S Plaid and showed the best result known to date. The owner testified that his car completed the course in just 8.834 seconds at 161.37 mph. mulot30th said he did six passes, five of them in the 8.8x range. His slowest pass was 8.93 at 160 mph. The owner of the Model S Plaid also said that he significantly lightened the car weight through some undisclosed modifications, however left an unaltered powertrain and ECU, left full stock exterior, appearance, door handles, and windows/power windows.

Thus, the time of 8.834 seconds for Model S Plaid is now the fastest known to date, surpassing its own past record of 8.943 seconds. It also confirms its title as the fastest car in mass production. Keep in mind this is a family EV, that has a lot of weight due to the battery.

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