Tesla Model S/X Owners Can Now Upgrade Infotainment & Keep the Radio Together

Tesla Model S/X Owners Can Now Upgrade Infotainment & Keep the Radio Together

Tesla Model S and Model X owners built prior to April 2018 who are receiving the Infotainment Upgrade are now able to keep the radio on their vehicles.

Earlier this year, Tesla began offering owners of Model S and Model X built March 2018 or earlier the option to upgrade their infotainment systems for $2,500. By purchasing it, they gain access to the features of the new version of the system, including streaming YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Twitch via Tesla Theater, as well as Tesla Arcade games. Also, after purchasing the Infotainment Upgrade, the vehicle's touchscreen will be more responsive and smoother, and images and web pages will appear faster.

While it won’t affect users’ access to internet radio and music streaming, it removes their access to AM, FM and Sirius XM radio. However, Tesla provides buyers with the option to return radios for an additional $500.

Tesla said that, starting in from Q4 2020, the company will offer customers a $500 "Radio Upgrade" option to restore FM and Sirius XM radios to their vehicles if they previously purchased the $2,500 Infotainment Upgrade. To do this, Tesla will install a compatible radio tuner and antennas on its electric vehicles. However, the company says it will be impossible for them to regain access to AM radio.

"Later in Q4 2020, Tesla will offer an additional Radio Upgrade, including the installation of a compatible radio tuner and antennas, that will allow customers to retain access to FM radio and Sirius XM radio. It is not possible to retain access to AM radio.

Note: Sirius XM radio is only available on vehicles with existing XM radio antennas and requires an additional subscription."

Tesla recommends doing both update installations at the same time to make things easier, but those who already have the new infotainment system can still get the radio update on their own.

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