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Tesla Model Y AWD Added to EPA List, Hinting at New Type of Battery Cells

Tesla Model Y AWD Added to EPA List, Hinting at New Type of Battery Cells

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A new Tesla Model Y "AWD" model was added to the EPA listing. This hints at the use of a new type of battery cell, probably lithium iron phosphate (LFP). The use of 4680 batteries, in this case, seems unlikely.

Model Y has become Tesla's most popular car model because it combines superior performance and roominess at a reasonable price, given what is on the market today. As the company's CEO Elon Musk previously predicted, the car is well on its way to becoming the most popular car in the world and has already made significant strides to this effect. So far, three Model Y variants have been listed by the EPA in the US, but now one more has been added.

  • RWD - base-level version, considered discontinued due to small range
  • Long Range AWD - has extended range version
  • Performance AWD - version with improved performance characteristics

Now, InsideEVs has discovered another, new EPA-listed version of the 2022 Tesla Model Y. The new model has yet to be listed on the company's website. According to the specified information, it is called simply "AWD," which means all-wheel drive. It should be kept in mind that up to this point Model Y AWD was only the Long Range version. Although Model Y Long Range AWD and Model Y AWD may have the same transmission with two motors, the batteries are different. According to the data, the battery of the new Model Y variant has a lower energy capacity.

The AWD model has a range of 279 miles and is slightly more efficient than the Long Range AWD. EPA Energy consumption (including charging losses):

  • Combined 123 MPGe: 274 Wh/mi (170 Wh/km)
  • City 129 MPGe: 261 Wh/mi (162 Wh/km)
  • Highway 116 MPGe: 291 Wh/mi (181 Wh/km)

Energy consumption for AWD and Long Range AWD is 28 kW per 100 miles. Considering this, plus the range difference, AWD could have about 15-20% lower battery capacity. While many expect this to be a version that uses the new 4680 battery cells, all indications are that this is not the case.

Tesla has long sought to switch to LFP batteries for its baseline vehicles. This, in turn, solves many problems and makes its cars more affordable to consumers. Apparently, the new version is exactly the version with LFP batteries, which the company will start producing in the near future.

In addition, about three weeks ago, Tesla applied for another EPA certification for the Model Y variant. At the moment, it has not received approval yet, so no details are known. However, this variant is expected to come with 4680 battery cells and be manufactured at Giga Texas. According to the manufacturer's earlier statements, the new factory will start production of vehicles with 4680 batteries that are already produced in Fremont.

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