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Tesla Model Y Was #2 Best-Selling Car in CA in 2021, Model 3 Topped Near-Luxury Segment

Tesla Model Y Was #2 Best-Selling Car in CA in 2021, Model 3 Topped Near-Luxury Segment

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While car manufacturers continue to struggle with component shortages, Tesla keeps delivering strong numbers. Tesla Model Y was the second best-selling car in California. Meanwhile, Model 3 ranked fifth in overall rank and led the near-luxury segment.

Tesla's main goal is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy and the replacement of internal combustion engine cars with electric vehicles is one of its main components. That is why the manufacturer's achievement of superiority over popular models powered by combustible fuel is a cause for celebration. In 2021, Tesla was able to achieve stellar results, taking pride in its high placement in car sales rankings in various markets around the world, and another achievement was registered in the largest US car market—California.

Following last year's results, Tesla Model Y became the second best-selling car, regardless of propulsion type, in California, according to the California New Car Dealers Association. With 60,394 registrations, the model was second only to Toyota Camry with 61,599 registrations. It should be noted that the gap of only 1,205 is small and there is a very high probability that in 2022 Model Y will easily overtake Camry sales, especially considering that demand can be met at a higher level, as Giga Texas will soon begin work. In addition, Model Y has become the undisputed leader in its segment—Compact Luxury SUV.

Tesla Model 3 also ranked highly. With 53,572 registered units, the sedan was behind Honda Civic with 59,818 units and Toyota RAV4 with 59,157 registrations, and thus ranked fifth in the state among cars regardless of propulsion type. In addition, Model 3 took first place in the near-luxury segment, significantly outselling its closest competitor.

Source: California New Car Dealers Association

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