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Tesla Model Y Was UK’s Best-Selling EV & Ranked 4th in Overall Car Market in February

Tesla Model Y Was UK’s Best-Selling EV & Ranked 4th in Overall Car Market in February

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Tesla Model Y continues to achieve success in Europe. The car excelled in the UK, becoming the best-selling EV and taking fourth place in the overall car rankings in February. Model 3 follows suit, becoming the second best-selling EV and fifth overall.

In the UK, Europe's second-largest plug-in market, EV share nearly doubled year-on-year to 25.6% in February, according to CleanTechnica. The share of pure electric vehicles continues to grow, reaching a 17.7% market share, while the share of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) was 7.9%. Such growth is undoubtedly associated with the entry into the market of Tesla Model Y, the sales of which began only in mid-February, yet posted impressive numbers, and due to the sales of Model 3, which trailed only slightly behind.

Debuting in February after a long wait, 1,306 Tesla Model Ys were sold. This made the car the best-selling EV, leaving the competition behind. Second place went to Tesla Model 3 with 1,275 sales, cementing the brand's leadership in the segment. Cumulative sales gave Tesla a 24.6% market share in the segment. The closest competitor, Hyundai, took 9.5% of the EV market share.

However, this was not the only victory for the American brand, which creates first-class cars. In February, Model Y became the fourth best-selling car in the country, regardless of the propulsion type. This is undoubtedly an outstanding achievement, given the fact that it was new to the market, and deliveries of the car only began in the middle of the month. Although at the moment the growth of the market share of Model Y is directly dependent on the production capacity of Giga Shinhai, once Giga Berlin enters full-scale production, the success of the model will be a foregone conclusion. Just a little behind its sibling, Model 3 took fifth place in the UK overall car market in February.

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