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Tesla Model Y Now Available for Police Car Conversion by Unplugged Performance

Tesla Model Y Now Available for Police Car Conversion by Unplugged Performance

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Tesla Model Y is a popular choice for police departments. Unplugged Performance has now begun offering electric vehicle retrofits for the car. Police departments will save about $6,000 in conversion costs compared to the Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid, and Tesla Model Y will save them about $27,000 on fuel over five years.

In the last couple of years, Tesla Model Y has increasingly become the choice of police departments in the US. However, before a car can be used as a patrol car, it must be converted and fited with special equipment, in accordance with established standards. Renowned tuning company Unplugged Performance now offers this.

The company has created a new department called UPfit. The first product it unveiled was the Tesla Model Y police car. For the first time, the car was unveiled at the world's largest gathering of Tesla owners and enthusiasts, the Tesla Takeover, which took place over the past weekend in California.

It is reported that the department has already received an order for 20 Model Y police cars. It came from the city of South Pasadena, which was the first in the United States to replace its entire police fleet with electric vehicles.

Unplugged Performance says its police car is costs $91,990. The price includes a Model Y car at $50,490 and a $41,500 conversion fee. And it is about $6,000 cheaper than the Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid. Also, compared to the Explorer-based police Ford, Model Y offers better 0-60 mph acceleration and $27,012 in cost savings (primarily on fuel) over five years of service.

UPfit said that, in addition, it can modify the Tesla Model Y police car with various accessories, commissioned by the police department. For example, special police interiors, prisoner cells, K9 containment and safety, firearms and equipment racks, bumpers and grilles, and more. For more information, you can visit the company's website:

Among the benefits of choosing Tesla Model Y, Unplugged Performance noted:

  • Tesla offers deployable software updates, and accelerated R&D deployment
  • Tesla is the undisputed leader in high-volume, reliable EV production
  • Tesla vehicles are ready for upfit now, whereas competing brand’s vehicles often have delivery delays between 10-24 months
  • Lowest maintenance costs compared to all competing Public Safety or Fleet Vehicles, by nearly 75%
  • Tesla Model Y holds the title for safest car in the US, Europe and Australia
  • Tesla has the largest supercharging network in the world

Why now?

  • Tesla vehicles are available and ready for immediate UPfit
  • Incentives and grants are available for most departments or businesses looking to adopt and futureproof early
  • The opportunity to confidently move into a better future with EVs is imminent
  • Be at the forefront and install your infrastructure early
  • Enhance your recruiting efforts by adopting a fleet of EVs, a platform the next generation of law enforcement is excited to drive
  • Increase positive community engagement, policing, and interaction by saving taxpayers money and showing leading evolution in your locale

Among the benefits of choosing an electric vehicle, Unplugged Performance noted:

  • No fuel used for idling. A 2018 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Police car will burn 60% of its gasoline, or 1633 gallons on average, just on idling 1 vehicle. An EV which can maintain climate control and communication operations without any idling costs, creating significant taxpayer savings
  • No greenhouse gases emissions in your community. Based on an average 2839 gallons burned per vehicle, per year in a traditional Police Vehicle, converting just one Police Vehicle to EV would reduce pollution by more than 55,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year reducing respiratory and other health issues
  • Aligning city, fleet and public safety vehicles to incorporate all the same tools and advantages as the general public’s quick and wide adoption of EVs

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