Tesla Model Y Body Spotted at Giga Texas, Foreshadowing Imminent Start of Production

by Eva Fox September 15, 2021

Tesla Model Y Body Spotted at Giga Texas, Foreshadowing Imminent Start of Production

Photo: Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter

The construction of Giga Texas is proceeding at a very fast pace and the start of mass production is expected in 2021. A new photo from the factory reveals that Tesla may have started test production of Model Y, whose body was seen in a dump truck.

There was a lot of activity in Giga Texas last month. On August 27, romana.nunezsaenz/Instagram posted a photo of the fully finished Model Y, indicating that it was taken at Giga Texas. It is currently unknown whether he took this photo himself or received it from another source. The photo shows the fully finished Model Y, and in the background there is another one moving on the conveyor. The publication of this photo follows news in early August that the first test Model Y would be fully factory built around the middle of the month. Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter clarified that this will be a full-functioning vehicle, although it will not be street legal. This description indicates that this will not be just a car body, but a full-fledged painted car with an installed battery pack. In his statement, Joe quoted a reliable source who wished to remain anonymous.

Now a new video filmed by Joe confirms that test production at Giga Texas has already begun. He managed to film Model Y's body, which was in a dump truck. It was carelessly loaded onto the dump truck, suggesting that it was of no value and would likely be scrapped.

At the moment, it remains unknown in what mode the factory operates and it is possible that this body was produced as part of the training process for new employees. It was recently noticed that Tesla had installed a new checkpoint for employees, and balloons were spotted in the staff room with a "WELCOME" greeting. All the activity on the site confirms that the manufacturer is actively preparing for the start of production, which may begin in the near future.

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