Tesla Starts Testing FSD Beta V10 in Canada

Eva Fox by Eva Fox September 15, 2021

Tesla Starts Testing FSD Beta V10 in Canada

Photo: Joshua C/YouTube

Canada was supposed to be one of the first countries where Tesla would start distributing FSD Beta, however there was nothing new about this until now. According to a recently released video, the company is starting to test FSD Beta V10 in Canada, which hints that it will soon be more widespread in the country.

Canadian resident Joshua C posted a series of six videos on his YouTube channel in which he tests the latest version of Tesla's FSD Beta software. There is no doubt that the testing is taking place in Canada, as the street names at the vehicle location shown on the display are in Ontario, Canada.

The videos show that the car copes well with the driving of various road sections, demonstrating confident, sometimes aggressive driving, even on unprotected left turns. It should be noted that since the rules of the road and signs have some differences from those in the U.S., Tesla's team had to make software settings taking this into account. Judging by the video, they did it perfectly and the cars with FSD Beta V10 behave as well as on the roads of the U.S.

At the moment, the question of whether this software was obtained for the Joshua C car legally remains open. However, in June Tesla began expanding its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) testers team around the world. In addition to employees in Spain, France, and Italy, the company was looking for candidates in Canada. At the moment, positions in Canada are no longer available, which may mean that Tesla has found the necessary number of testers.

The fact that a video of FSD Beta V10 being tested in Canada appeared on the Internet hints that Tesla has accelerated development in the local market and that some Tesla owners there will probably get access to the long-awaited software very soon.

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