Tesla Model Y Arrives at Showroom in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tesla Model Y Arrives at Showroom in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The European market is eagerly awaiting the delivery of the first Model Ys, which should begin in August. In the meantime, Tesla began placing the compact SUV in showrooms and the first Model Y was to appear at Tesla Amsterdam South-East showroom, Netherlands today.

Europeans are awaiting delivery of their Model Ys, which were scheduled for mid-2021. However, due to delays in obtaining the final environmental permit for Giga Berlin, deliveries have been postponed indefinitely. Tesla responded quickly to unforeseen circumstances and announced the start of deliveries of Model Y to the European market of cars manufactured at Giga Shanghai. Thus, SUV deliveries are expected to begin in late August.

As the time of the first deliveries approaches, Tesla has also rushed to add the first Model Ys to its showrooms. This is an important step, as consumers will be able to see the car live, assess its dimensions, and how it will fit them. This question is especially relevant for residents of some European cities, which are densely populated and have many narrow streets on which it can be difficult to drive or park a larger car.

Thanks to Tesla3Performance/Twitter, we have learned some new details about the upcoming appearance of Model Y in Europe. On July 29, a Tesla customer in the Netherlands received an email from the company informing them that the first Model Y would appear in the Amsterdam showroom on July 31. It is located at Burgemeester Stramanweg 122, 1101 EN Amsterdam and consumers can now visit it and take a closer look at Tesla's electric SUV.

The letter says (translated from Dutch):

"Be the first to meet Model Y from Saturday 31 July in our showroom at Tesla Amsterdam South-East.

Discover the 15 "touchscreen, the all-glass roof, and the more than 2100 liters of cargo space.

Model Y will be available in 2021."

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