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Tesla Model Y Delivery Will Happen Earlier Than March 15

Tesla Model Y Delivery Will Happen Earlier Than March 15

Tesla Model Y is the topic that has attracted huge attention recently. Highly possible to become the hottest model of 2020, and most likely to exceed the sales of Model 3. It is also the first car for Tesla to attack small - medium SUV market with the affordable price range (comparing to Model X). Since last week, we reported a large number of Model Ys had been transported from the Fremont factory to the delivery centers, click here for more detail. In recent days, a large number of Model Y pre-ordered owners have received emails or text messages to remind them to complete the final procedures before final delivery. The official estimated delivery dates are between March 15th and 30th.

Today, Tesla owner u/HIP2013n who has pre-ordered a Model Y posted on Reddit that the Tesla delivery staff called him about his Y will be deliver on March 11.

"Anyone else getting it this early? I was shocked to get the call from my Tesla rep."

It seems that the delivery time may be earlier than originally estimated. I believe that more car owners will receive the same information in these days.

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