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Tesla Begins Model Y Heat Pump Noise Cancellation Retrofits


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Tesla has started retrofitting an acoustic blanket over the Model Y’s heat pump to reduce the amount of noise it produces. Covering the Model Y heat pump was a suggestion made by Sandy Munro during his teardown of the Tesla SUV crossover.

According to TSLA supporter @hwfeinstein, a Tesla Mobile Service ranger came to his house to retrofit his new Model Y with an acoustic blanket. “I checked first to make sure my early VIN did not have the shroud on it. I then booked a request through the mobile app and they came and did it for no charge. It had to be ordered first.”

Based on @hwfeinstein’s comment, it seems that Tesla has started retrofitting Model Y heat pumps with acoustic blankets if requested by owners. In a follow-up comment, the Model Y owner referenced someone whose Tesla crossover was already equipped with an acoustic blanket. So it appears that acoustic blankets now come standard with newer Model Y units. So people who received one of the Model Y vehicles from the Fremont Factory’s first batch may need to request an acoustic blanket retrofit.

Sandy Munro talked about the noise Tesla Model Y’s heat pump produced after owners had brought it to his attention. Munro decided to talk about the noise coming from the Model Y’s heat pump in one of his teardown episodes. 

He pointed out that the Model Y’s heat pump was isolated, allowing it to “jump around” and shake. Despite his observation, Munro concluded that the heat pump’s isolation did not turn into “noise vibration.”

Following his assessment, Sandy Munro suggested that Tesla could make a container for the Model Y heat pump similar to the one found on the Model 3’s eAC compressor. Based on @hwfeinstein’s experience, the acoustic blanket Tesla chose to place on the Model Y’s heat pump has made a big difference in terms of noise.

Tesla’s improvements to the heat pump reveal that the EV automaker is open to taking constructive criticism and suggestions when it concerns the design of its vehicles. It also shows that Tesla is willing to put in the work to improve and do better.

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