Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD Becomes a Patrol Car for Eden Prairie City, MN Police Dept

Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD Becomes a Patrol Car for Eden Prairie City, MN Police Dept

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The use of Tesla cars as police vehicles is increasingly becoming the norm. Savings in maintenance and service, performance characteristics, and environmental friendliness make them the number one choice. The Eden Prairie Police Department in Minnesota went electric by buying a Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD and turning it into a patrol car.

As part of the City's sustainability program, and in support of the proposed Climate Action Plan, the Fleet Services Division worked with the Eden Prairie City Police Department to pilot test an all-electric patrol vehicle. Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD was chosen as the first electric vehicle to be ideal for use as a patrol car.

Although all-electric vehicles have a higher initial purchase price than internal combustion engine models, they also have much lower operating costs during the life cycle due to the elimination of gasoline consumption and having fewer mechanical parts for repair and maintenance. After this claim was proven by the Fremont Police Department (in California), the decision to buy the Tesla Model Y by the Eden Prairie Police Department became apparent.

Fleet Services bought the new Model Y directly through a Tesla Business Account for $52,290. The city has paid for the additional costs of refurbishing the car, like any other patrol car, and now Model Y is guarding the streets.

The vehicle is expected to be used for general patrolling for at least 100,000 miles. However, according to the experience of the Fremont Police Department, a Tesla electric car could last much longer than expected. In addition to being environmentally friendly and economical, Tesla cars have a high safety record and can accelerate very quickly. These characteristics make any Tesla vehicle an ideal candidate for use as a police vehicle.

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