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Tesla Model Y Owner Shares How to Camp on Top of New Vehicle

Tesla Model Y Owner Shares How to Camp on Top of New Vehicle
Lots of Tesla owners around the world love to travel in their vehicles. The company made sure that spending the night in their cars was a pleasant experience. Specially designed Camp Mode maintains a comfortable temperature and supplies sleepers with fresh air throughout the night.

Of course, spending the night under Tesla's glass roof can be an incredible experience. However, if you are going to camp for a few days, you will probably need additional space for all the necessities. Of course, you can always place your luggage in the roof rack of your car, but this is not always the most convenient option.

Now there's another option for Tesla and non-Tesla owners. Roof Top Tent might just offer the solution you've been looking for.

The Kilowatts / YouTube shared that over the past few years they have set up camps along the west coast both in and on their Tesla. They also made a trip to Banff, utilizing their Model 3 Roof Top Tent to keep everyone comfortable. Now they are sharing their experience with everyone.


The Kilowatts writes that electric vehicles are ideal for car-camping and even short overlanding trips -- and from their point of view, Tesla is way ahead of the game here.

From their experience, sleeping inside the car -- with the AC maintaining a comfortable temperature in Camp Mode -- the car lost 30 miles of range overnight. At the same time, the added 100lb weight of the tent has reduced their effective range by 10-15%, depending on speed.

According to the data provided, a night spent with Camp Mode active versus driving with The Rooftop Tent have approximately the same effect on battery power. So, depending on the situation and conditions, you can choose the camping option that best suits your needs.

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