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Tesla Model Y With 21’’ Überturbine Wheels Spotted Leaving Drive-Thru Car Wash


A Tesla Model Y with 21’’ Überturbine wheels was spotted in the wild while leaving what appears to be a drive-thru car wash. The recent Model Y sighting may be one of the clearest sightings of Tesla’s crossover SUV with 21’’ Überturbine wheels.

The blue Tesla Model Y with matte black 21’’ Überturbine wheels was seen leaving a drive-thru car wash seemingly unscathed. A video of the sighting was posted on Twitter by co-founder and Delighted Chief Design Officer Mike Gowen.

A Tesla Model Y release candidate leaving a drive-thru car wash is a pretty rare sight. In the past, these types of car washes were somewhat of a no-no for some Tesla owners because it reportedly posed some risk to the vehicles' paint. Considering Tesla's constant push for improvement, perhaps the Model Y will not experience the slight paint issues of its Model 3 sibling when it gets released.

Tesla’s Überturbine wheels were first seen during the unveiling of the Model 3. People were ecstatic to see them once the all-electric sedan was released but were disappointed when the wheels were not on the Model 3’s configurator. Elon Musk has promised that the wheels would be available—seemingly leaving out that they would really be for the Model Y.

Überturbine wheels are included in the Performance upgrade option for the top-tier dual-motor Model Y. Tesla’s Performance variant has been listed with a price of $60, 990—without incentives. There is currently no price listed for the Performance Upgrade, though Tesla notes in its configurator that the setup is optional.

According to the Model Y configurator, the Performance Upgrade includes Überturbine wheels, Performance brakes, lowered suspension, and aluminum alloy pedals. The upgrade option could increase the Performance variant’s top speed from 145mph to 155mph.

Model Y sightings have become more frequent since Tesla announced in its Q4 2019 Update Letter that production of its crossover SUV had already started. The announcement meant that Model Y production was indeed ahead of schedule since it was initially expected to begin in late 2020.

Tesla also announced that it improved the Model Y's range since its unveiling during the Q4 2019 Earnings Call. Later it was confirmed that the Model Y had an EPA rating of 315 miles.

Just four days ago—on Valentine’s Day—another Model Y with Überturbine wheels was sighted on the road. A week before that—on February 11 and 12—at least three or four Model Ys were seen out and about in various parts of the United States. Two of the ones spotted were fitted with 21” Überturbine wheels. It is unclear whether either of the two was the same one Gowen had spotted leaving the drive-thru car wash.

Featured Image Credit: @mikegee/Twitter

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