Tesla Model Y Gets Positive Reviews From Dedicated Auto Enthusiasts


The Tesla Model Y recently received a positive review from the dedicated auto enthusiasts of the Throttle House YouTube channel. It seems like Tesla's combination of aggressive pricing and utility-focused features are a winning combination that might very well be appreciated by mainstream buyers. 

As indicated by the auto enthusiasts, the Model Y sits at a unique position in Tesla's lineup in terms of performance and space. Prior to its arrival, buyers looking for a spacious electric vehicle only had the Model X as an option, while those who are budget-conscious only had the Model 3 sedan. The Model Y sits in between these vehicles, as it offers space that's only slightly less than the Model X, while being priced only slightly higher than the Model 3. 


Credit: Throttle House/YouTube

Of course, being from Tesla, the Model Y has the classic all-electric performance that is expected of every vehicle from the electric car maker. The variant reviewed by the channel is a Model Y Performance unit, which meant that it could sprint from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds from a standstill. This makes the Model Y Performance the "slowest" performance vehicle in Tesla's lineup, but its acceleration is enough to match even muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye in 0-60 mph launches.

Driving the Model Y was also enjoyable to drive, thanks to its low center of gravity. The auto enthusiasts noted that performance-oriented crossovers usually had had issues with their high center of gravity, making even powerful vehicles like the Lamborghini Urus not as engaging to drive as a high-performance sedan. This is not a problem with the Model Y, however, as the battery pack at the bottom of the vehicle gives the all-electric crossover a driving experience that is very similar to that of the Model 3. With this, the Model Y can actually be used as a competent canyon carver. 


Credit: Throttle House/YouTube

But it's not just driving dynamics and performance. The Model Y also excels at factors that are expected of crossovers. Among this is space and cargo capacity. The Model Y's cabin is huge, and its stunning glass roof seamlessly extends all the way to the back. Its boot is also very large, multiple times bigger than the Model 3's trunk. 

In a way, the Model Y may end up being the most balanced vehicle in Tesla's lineup. It may not be as fast as its stablemates, but its combination of utility, space, driving dynamics, classic Tesla performance, and sheer fun factor makes the vehicle arguably the best bang-for-your-buck EV being sold today. With such feedback from classic auto enthusiasts, it appears that the Model Y may very well be Tesla's most successful vehicle yet. 

Featured Image Credit: Throttle House/YouTube

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