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Tesla Releases Model Y Ad, Focuses On Winter Driving Dynamics

Tesla Releases Model Y Ad, Focuses On Winter Driving Dynamics

Tesla has released an official ad for the Model Y, and it emphasizes, among other things, how the all-electric crossover is perfect for winter driving. Over the course of the brief advertisement, the Model Y's capabilities in the show and cold climates were highlighted, hinting at the heating improvements that Tesla has rolled out to its latest vehicle.

The ad features several exciting scenes, from the Model Y's assembly line in Fremont, CA, to the vehicle driving on scenic roads at high speed. Other features of the all-electric crossover were accentuated as well, such as its driving dynamics and spacious cabin. But perhaps the most notable was Tesla's focus on the Model Y's winter driving capabilities. 

The Model Y is, in a way, Tesla's best cold-weather car to date. A lot of this has to do with the vehicle's heating system, which is different compared to the Model S, Model 3, and Model X. In Tesla's previous vehicles, heating is done through an electric resistance heating system. These provide ample heating in the cabin, but in frigid temperatures, electric resistance heating systems can eat up power, reducing range. 


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Unlike the Model S, Model 3, and Model X, the Model Y is equipped with a heat pump. A heat pump is much like an air conditioner, except that it works backward thanks to its reversing valve. Considering that heat pumps move heat instead of generating it, the Model Y would not experience range loss in cold climates at the same rate as the company's other vehicles. This would likely be a key selling point for the Model Y, thus, the focus on winter driving in Tesla's recent ad. 

Teslas are optimized for a wide range of climates, which is one of the reasons why the Model 3 is a best-selling vehicle in areas such as Norway and the Netherlands, which are areas known for their harsh winters. Range loss does happen due to the cold, and it is something that electric car owners learn to deal with as part of the ownership experience. With the Model Y's heating system, however, range loss will likely not happen as much. 

The Model Y has the potential to be Tesla's most disruptive vehicle to date, with CEO Elon Musk stating that he expects the all-electric crossover to outsell the Model 3, Model S, and Model X combined. As noted in a previous Tesmanian report, the Model Y may very well live to its full potential, thanks to its combination of performance, utility, and bang-for-your-buck value. 

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