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Tesla Model Y Test Production at Giga Texas Rumored to Start Next Week

Tesla Model Y Test Production at Giga Texas Rumored to Start Next Week

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Test production at Giga Texas of Tesla Model Y is due to begin next week, a source said. The recent appearance of the Model Y body, which was probably used to calibrate equipment, confirms that the start of production is just around the corner.

Giga Texas construction progress observer, Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter, recently broke the big news. According to him, there is a high likelihood that the first test Model Y will be fully built in the factory within the next week. He clarified that this will be a full-functioning model, although it will not be street legal. This description indicates that this will not be just a car body, but a full-fledged painted car with an installed battery pack. In his statement, Joe cites a trusted source who most likely wished to remain anonymous.

Giga Texas, Model Y Body Shop

While any rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, the likelihood that this will turn out to be true is very high. Tesla has already finished shelling some of the building's rooms and installed a lot of equipment there, testing of which has already begun. A few days ago, a body in white (BIW) Model Y was spotted being lifted into a building at Giga Texas. Obviously, the body was delivered to the factory as a sample, so that the equipment needed for future production could be calibrated. Tesla does this every time it prepares a new factory for opening; BIW vehicles were delivered both at Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin.

The construction of Giga Texas seems to be progressing very well, without even the slightest delay. This means that the Texas-made Model Y will begin mass production over the next few months, which will have a significant impact on delivery data for 2021 and lead to new, stunning records.

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