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Tesla Model Y Vs Model 3 Performance Variants: Handling, Acceleration & Efficiency Comparison [Video]


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The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Performance variants were recently compared with each other, in a test that evaluated their overall differences in handling, acceleration, and efficiency. The Model Y and Model 3 are Tesla's more affordable vehicles and each one has specific advantages.

YouTube channel The Kilowatts recently compared a Model 3 Performance with a Model Y of the same variant. In the first test, The Kilowatts took the Teslas on a curvy road. According to one of the YouTube channel's hosts, the Model Y handled the S-curves of the road pretty well, particularly for a sport utility vehicle.

Based on the host's reaction, however, the Model 3 handled the curvy roads a bit better. "Now we're in the Performance Model 3 with the track-ready wheels. And this car--let me tell you, I'm the limitation here, not the car," he said. The Kilowatts host compared the Model 3's performance on the curvy road to that of a sportscar.

According to the host, the Model 3 Performance was fitted with "track wheels," which may refer to some components of Tesla's Track Package. The EV automaker released a Track Package for the Model 3 Performance recently. The wheels may have contributed to the Model 3's slightly better performance around the S-curves of the road.

In a 0-60 time test, the Model 3 beat the Model Y Performance again. The Model 3 hit 60 seconds in 3.35 seconds, and the Model Y came in at 3.72 seconds.

In terms of battery efficiency and range, the Model 3 performed slightly better than the Model Y yet again. According to the host, the Model Y's efficiency was 285 Wh per mile while the Model 3's was 264 Wh per mile. In a drive from Kettleman City to San Francisco, the Model 3 appeared to perform 5% better in terms of range than the Model Y.

While the Model 3 appeared to beat the Model Y in all three categories, The Kilowatts host pointed out that Tesla's SUV had some advantages. For instance, the Model Y's ample space makes it more suitable for families. And Jay Leno pointed out, in his Model Y review, that Tesla's affordable SUV crossover was still faster than some sportscars in the market for a fraction of the price.

The Model Y just may not be as fast as a Model 3 Performance with track wheels. However, that may change in the future. Track Mode and its optional Track Package might be available for the Model Y in the future, which could even out the playing field.

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