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Tesla Model Y vs Porsche Macan S: Interior & Trunk Size Comparison


An interior and trunk size comparison between the Tesla Model Y and the Porsche Macan S was recently conducted following the delivery of the all-electric crossover. Based on side-by-side images taken of the two vehicles and their storage area, it appears that Tesla may have knocked the ball out of the park with the Model Y.

Tesla Model 3 owner @vincent13031925 recently took delivery of his Model Y Performance using the electric car maker's contactless delivery service. Being a crossover, the Tesla owner immediately opted to conduct a brief comparison of the Model Y and his Porsche Macan S, a popular premium crossover SUV from the noted German sports can maker.

Immediately noticeable from a side-by-side image of the two vehicles is the fact that the Model Y and the Porsche Macan S' are very close in exterior size. Through the Macan seems to have a higher ground clearance compared to the Model Y, the all-electric crossover seemed to be a little bit taller than its ICE competitor. This hints at the spacious interior of the Model Y, which is one of the vehicle's most notable selling points.

Tesla has mentioned that the Model Y's interior is about 10% larger than its sedan sibling, the Model 3. However, @vincent13031925 observed that the cabin of the all-electric crossover seems to be over 10% larger than the interior of his Model 3. This is something that Tesla has suggested in the past, with Musk noting that the Model Y will feel much larger inside than it looks from the outside. This definitely seems to be the case, with the Tesla owner stating that the interior of the Y is bigger than the Macan S.

The second-row seats of the Model Y are also very spacious, providing a lot of leg space and a ton of headroom. The impressive headroom is partly due to the Model Y's single-piece all-glass roof, which extends from the front of the crossover to its rear. Even the second row seats are also fitted with some unique features, with the vehicle being equipped with USB-C ports, which are becoming more popular with newer tech devices.

But perhaps most interesting is a side-by-side comparison of the Model Y and the Porsche Macan S' cargo area. Despite the two vehicles being similar in exterior size, the space in the Model Y's rear trunk is significantly larger than the one found in the Macan S. A lot of this is due to the Model Y's all-electric design, which allowed Tesla to maximize the storage areas in the crossover.

Ultimately, it appears that Tesla has hit a home run with the Model Y. With a spacious interior and a large cargo space, the Model Y, with its impressive performance, reasonable price, and impressive tech, can very well be a very real threat and disruptor to the established crossovers of the auto market.

Featured Image Credit: @vincent13031925/Twitter


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