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Tesla Model Y to Appear in Popeyes Super Bowl Ad

Tesla Model Y to Appear in Popeyes Super Bowl Ad

Image: Popeyes/YouTube

Some people still cannot figure out why Tesla does not use paid advertising. The answer to this question is very simple: the company does not need it. Beyond the incredible word of mouth, its cars often appear in movies, TV series, and advertising campaigns for other brands. Tesla Model Y will appear in the Popeyes Super Bowl ad.

Tesla Model Y appeared in a commercial for Popeyes, a fast food chain that will air during Super Bowl 2023. The ad shows the guy from the old meme, Dieunerst Collin, pulling up to the house, driving a Model Y. In another scene, he is standing near it. The car appears for a total of about 10 seconds in the 30-second commercial, which is enough to look at it and identify it as a Tesla Model Y.

Obviously, the use of Tesla's car in their advertisements will draw a lot of attention to Popeyes, as the company's fans will be happy about its appearance, and some media will write articles about it. On the other hand, Tesla is once again getting free publicity, and not in regular advertising, but in a video that will be broadcast during the Super Bowl. It is worth noting that Popeyes has made some visual changes to the look of the car, such as reshaping the door handles and removing side reflectors from the taillights. The purpose of this remains unknown, but this technique is often used in order not to take divert focus from the advertised product to the objects used as a background. Of course, there may be other reasons for this.

In fact, all carmakers spend millions, if not billions of dollars on advertising, and of course, all these costs are included in the end-user price of the vehicle. Tesla, on the other hand, seeks to minimize the cost of its cars for buyers, so it deliberately does not spend millions of dollars on this.

However, it should be noted that the company's cars have become so popular that they simply do not need advertising. The best Tesla ads come from satisfied customers. When they talk about their driving experiences, most people at least want to test out a high-performance electric vehicle from the world's most popular and growing company, after which many want one or more of their own.

Nevertheless, Tesla cars are actively advertised publicly, although the company does not spend money on it. They are sometimes used in various movies and TV series to emphasize the prestige of some of the characters. Electric cars have also become the personal and/or company cars of many politicians and celebrities.

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