Tesla Model Y Will Deliver to First UK Customers in February, Delivery Email Confirms

by Eva Fox January 07, 2022

Tesla Model Y Will Deliver to First UK Customers in February, Delivery Email Confirms

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The first deliveries of Tesla Model Y to the UK are expected in February. The order holders received emails asking them to complete the pre-delivery tasks, indicating the expected delivery time.

In mid-October, Tesla opened the order page for Model Y in the UK. Since then, customers have been waiting for their highly anticipated vehicles to arrive. The first deliveries are expected in early 2022, but no more precise details about the date have been provided. A few days ago Tesmanian reported that Tesla sent out emails inviting customers to test drive Model Y. This information hinted that the first deliveries of the car would begin soon. It was expected that this could happen in mid-February.

@ZainS180/Twitter today reported that he received a message from the company asking him to complete the pre-delivery tasks in his Tesla Account. In addition, it was reported that the first deliveries will occur in February 2022.

Model Y is a long-awaited car of the company, as compact crossovers are extremely popular all over the world. Until the production of cars begins at Giga Berlin, Model Ys will be shipped from Giga Shanghai, which requires a longer delivery time to the UK. Obviously, cars for the country are being manufactured in late December-early January and will soon be or have already been shipped. Usually, carrier ships deliver cargo from China to the UK in 36 to 45 days, which means that the first vehicles can reach the coast as early as early February.

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