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Tesla Model Y Now Has HEPA Filter & Retrofit for Earlier Produced Units Will Be Available

Tesla Model Y Now Has HEPA Filter & Retrofit for Earlier Produced Units Will Be Available

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All Tesla Model Y vehicles that are produced without HEPA filters will get access to an optional upgrade. The manufacturer will open up the ability to retrofit the cars by adding HEPA filters and getting Bioweapon Defense Mode.

A few days ago it became known that Tesla had launched Model Y built in the USA with HEPA filters. The update comes after it was revealed in January that China-made Model Ys also have them. The new filters were installed in cars that were produced at Fremont after July 1, 2021.

While this is positive news that has delighted tens of thousands of future Model Y owners, existing ones who had cars produced prior to July 1 must have been upset. However, they should not jump to conclusions and dive into negative emotions. A Tesla enthusiast and person who has repeatedly shared truthful and up-to-date information about the company—Sawyer Merritt/Twitter—broke the good news. His source said that Tesla "will offer HEPA filter retrofits for Model Y's that don't have the new filter.” He explained that, at the moment, this option is not yet available, but later owners will be able to buy it in the store or through the app. Retrofits will require service appointments. The company will notify owners when a replacement of the system becomes available.

After the HEPA filter is installed in Model Y, the vehicle will gain access to Bioweapon Defense Mode. HEPA is a high-performance molecular air filter whose efficiency can reach more than 99.97%, allowing effective filtration of pollutants such as smoke, dust, and bacteria. The stronger the filterability, the smaller the air intake per unit area. To ensure adequate air supply, the Tesla HEPA filter element is very large.

In a Tesla test, the HEPA air filtration system completed air purification in the Model X cab in less than two minutes, lowering the PM 2.5 pollution index from 1000 to an extremely low level (below the reference level).

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced Bioweapon Defense Mode during the Model X unveiling, people may have laughed and thought it was just a cool feature. Unfortunately, the times have recently shown that it may be a necessary feature as well. Between the wildfires in California, Canada, and Australia and the spread of the coronavirus, the need to keep the air clean has become increasingly relevant. Tesla's HEPA filters in Model S, Model X, and now Model Y do their part to help.

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