Tesla 'Not Model Y' Lands in Norway as Start of Delivery Nears

Eva Fox by Eva Fox August 19, 2021

Tesla 'Not Model Y' Lands in Norway as Start of Delivery Nears

Photo: QuimMorius/Twiiter

The first Tesla Model Ys arrived in Norway, one of the most company-friendly markets in Europe. Locals are eagerly awaiting the start of deliveries of the compact electric SUV that is ideal for local roads.

Tesla's "Not Model Y" landed in Norway, just a few days after the first ones showed up in the Netherlands. This means that the first deliveries to order holders in the country will begin very soon. QuimMorius/Twitter shared a photo of two Model Ys parked at the Drammen shipping port. The Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Silver Metallic SUVs, labeled "Not Model Y," arrived in port on August 18. Both vehicles will be delivered to showrooms in Norway.

Tesla launched an online order configurator for its compact SUV in Europe in early July, with first deliveries expected in August 2021. By the end of July, the first Model Ys appeared in some showrooms in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and in early August in other cities across Europe.

Tesla China announced a few days ago that it achieved 385% export growth in July and shipped 8,210 Model Y units manufactured at Giga Shanghai. While some of these cars are likely to head to South Korea and possibly Hong Kong, since it debuted there in July, the bulk of the vehicles have been shipped to Europe. Vehicles carrier Helios Ray, with the first Model Ys for the European market, arrived at the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium on August 15 and is now in the port of Emden, Germany. The Glovis Supreme has already left the port of Zeebrugge and is now heading to Oslo, Norway. Its arrival date is August 20. Most likely, the first Model Ys for the Norwegian market are on this vessel and the first customers will receive their delivery in late August or early September.

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