Tesla Opens 800th Supercharger Station in Europe, Now Offering Around 9K Stalls in 30 Euro Countries

Tesla Opens 800th Supercharger Station in Europe, Now Offering Around 9K Stalls in 30 Euro Countries

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With the opening of the 800th Supercharger station in Europe, Tesla is celebrating another milestone. The manufacturer now offers around 9,000 stalls in 30 countries to improve customer satisfaction and provide services to owners of other electric vehicles.

Tesla opened the 800th Supercharger station in Europe, which is located in Avignon, France, and located on the main transport route on the way to Marseille and the Côte d'Azur. According to the company, the location includes 28 V3 stalls, which is a large number compared to earlier installations in Europe. This indicates that Tesla is actively increasing the number of charging points due to the surge in demand, which is also in line with its overall strategy to open larger charging stations.

“Avignon is therefore in line with Tesla’s strategy of now prioritizing the opening of larger outlets to service the ever-increasing number of electric vehicles on European roads,” the company said in a statement.

With the opening of the 800th Supercharger station, Tesla now offers almost 9,000 charging stalls in Europe. Thus, the manufacturer offers an average of just over 11 stalls at each location. In addition, after opening the first location in Latvia in June, the manufacturer has also reached another milestone: the opening of Supercharger stations in 30 European countries.

Tesla's plans have a huge scale and their implementation starts small. The company's mission is to accelerate the world's transition from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy toward a renewable energy electric economy and electric vehicles are part of the plan to make this happen. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was aware from the beginning that this would require a reliable charging network, so the company built it over the years. Now, to support the mission, Tesla has begun opening up access to its Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs as well.

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